Ayurvedic Treatment

Yoga practices

Some pranayama exercises were hand-picked to tranquillize the mind and relieve stress. The asanas given to the patient were bhujangasana, mayurasana, shalabhasana, paschimottanasana and matsyendrasana. Every of those asanas was done 2 or 3 times, and maintained for a period of 20-30 seconds. Shavasana was practiced once daily for 15-20 minutes, and pranayama for ten minutes once daily. All yoga practices were performed below observation for sixty days whereas patients were in hospital. Scheme and sequence of asanas is shown in Table 2.

Name of Asana No. of rounds Duration of asana
Bhujangasana 20-30 sec. 2-3
Mayurasana 20-30 sec 2-3
Shalabhasana 20-30 sec 2-3
Paschimottanasana 20-30 sec 2-3
Matsyendrasana 20-30 sec 2-3
Sarvangasana 5-7 minutes 1
Shavasana 15 - 20 minutes 1
Pranayama 10 minutes 1

Ayurvedic therapy

  • Along with yoga therapy, panchamrita parpati was administered.The ingredients of this drug are shuddha gandhaka 16 parts, shuddha parada 8 parts, loha bhasma 4 parts, abhraka bhasma 2 parts and tamra bhasma 1 part.

  • Panchamrita parpati was given orally in an increasing dosage schedule along with madhu (honey) and jeera (cumin). The initial dosage was one ratti (125 mg.) of parpati for three days, increasing to two rattis for a further three days, then to a maximum of eleven rattis. The decreasing dosage schedule for the gradual withdrawal of the medicine followed the reverse pattern, back down to one ratti.

  • Before the commencement of therapy, patients were instructed to reduce their intake of salt. Water was restricted and replaced by milk. Later on, salt, water and food were totally replaced by milk. The drugs on which the patients were dependent before the therapy were gradually tapered off and replaced by parpati.


  • Yoga and parpati is a perfect treatment for chronic inflammatory bowel disease.
  • No repetition of symptoms was according throughout a 2-8 year follow up.
  • Mild recurrences can be corrected and prevented by continued yoga practice.
  • No dependency is developed.
  • No aspect effects or harmful reactions occur.

Ayurvedic tips for Colitis

  • Stress free life style and diet style
  • A combination of Jatiphal, jeerak and dried bilwa powder is very useful
  • In Panchkarma treatment, wasti therapy is very useful. In this we use the combinations of anuwasan and niruhan wasti
  • Mulathi powder and shatawari powder combinations are very useful in this case.
  • Amlaki itself is a very good herb.

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