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Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat)

Introduction to the Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat)

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Vishuddhi chakra is known as the 'purification center'. The Sanskrit word shuddhi means (to purify), and in this chakra the purifying and harmonizing of all opposites takes place. Vishuddhi is also known as the 'nectar and poison center'. Here, the nectar which drips down from bindu is said to be split into the pure form and the poison. The poison is discarded and the pure nectar then nourishes the body, ensuring excellent health and longevity.

The location point

Vishuddhi chakra is in the cervical plexus directly behind the throat pit. Its kshetram is in the front of the neck, at the throat pit or thyroid gland. The physiological concomitants of vishuddhi are the pharyngeal and laryngeal nerve plexi.

Traditional symbology

Some tantric texts say vishuddhi chakra is represented by a dark grey colored lotus, however, it seems to be more commonly perceived as a purple lotus of sixteen petals. These sixteen petals correspond to the number of nadis associated with this center. On each petal one of the Sanskrit vowels is inscribed in crimson - am, aam, im, eem, um, rim, reem, lrim, lreem, em, aim, om, aum, am, ah. In the pericarp of this lotus is a circle which is white like the full moon, representing the element of ether or akasha. This ethereal region is the gateway to liberation for one whose senses are pure and controlled. Within this moon shape is a snow white elephant, also symbolic of the akasha element. This is considered as the vehicle of consciousness of this plane, and the aspirant may picture himself upon its back. The bija mantra is ham, also pure white, which is the seed sound or vibration of the etheric element.

Nectar and poison

In the tantric scriptures it is said that within bindu at the back of the head, the moon is secreting a vital fluid or essence known as nectar. This transcendental fluid drips down into the individual consciousness from bindu visarga. Bindu can be regarded in this context as the center or passage through which the individuality emerges from cosmic consciousness in sahasrara.

The potential of vishuddhi

Vishuddhi is the center responsible for receiving thought vibrations from other people's minds. This actually occurs through a minor center which is closely connected with vishuddhi. It acts somewhat like a transistor radio tuning into a radio station, allowing the yogi to tune into the thoughts and feelings of people both close by and far away. The thought waves of others are also experienced elsewhere in the body, in other centers such as manipura, but the actual reception center of thought waves and transmissions is vishuddhi. From vishuddhi they are relayed to the centers in the brain associated with the other chakrass and in this way they enter into the individual awareness.

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