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Vijaysar (Pterocarpus Marsupium) Benefits and Effects

vijaysar benefits


  • Botanical Name: Pterocarpus marsupium
  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Hindi: Bijaka, Pitasara, Pitashalaka, Vijaysar
  • English name: Pterocarpus marsupium 'Sugar Destroyer'
  • Parts used: Heart Wood, Leaves and Flowers
  • Habitat and Botany: Found in the Western Ghats, in the Karnataka-Kerala region
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Order: Fabales
  • Genus: Pterocarpus
  • Product Offered: Root and Leaves


Indian Kino Tree, which is known by different names in different regions of India, has a number of therapeutic uses. A poultice made from the bark and leaves of the tree possesses astringent properties, which is useful in treating skin conditions. Indian Kino Tree also has potent anti-hyperlipdemic properties and helps in reducing total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein and serum triglyceride levels in the body.


As an antibacterial and an astringent, Indian Kino Tree helps to heal cuts, bruises and other skin conditions. It is effective in lowering blood sugar and total cholesterol levels in the body.


Pterocarpus marsupium contain acids that reduce intestinal absorption of glucose, stimulate the pancreas to increase insulin production, and decrease sugar craving by causing sugar to taste like grit or sandpaper.

Treatment of Diabetes:

As discussed above, one of the most popular ways in which Pterocarpus marsupium has been used is for the treatment of diabetes. One study that examined the effects of Pterocarpus marsupium on type I diabetics found a significant improvement in blood sugar levels and insulin requirements. These results were mirrored in another study which evaluated the effect of this herb on type II diabetics. It is important to note that in this study, the patients received an extract from the leaf of the Pterocarpus marsupium herb.

Decreased Sugar Cravings

Another great dietary benefit associated with Pterocarpus marsupium is a decrease in sugar cravings. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who struggle against an affinity for sweets in their goal to lose weight. Research has found that when the leaves of the Pterocarpus marsupium plant are applied directly to the tongue or are chewed, there is a decrease in the ability of the subject to taste sweet foods. This may limit cravings and binges, thereby helping to achieve significant weight loss results.

Uses Of Pterocarpus marsupium:

  • This is one of the main herbs used for healing diabetes mellitus.
  • Vijaysar removes sugar from pancreas, restores pancreatic function.
  • Vijaysar stimulate the circulatory system, increases urine secretion.
  • Vijaysar is also useful for the treatment of swollen glands, cough, and fever.

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Vijaysar (Pterocarpus Marsupium)

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