Ayurvedic Treatment

Vajikarana Therapy

The classical compendia on Ayurveda advocate specific medical intervention for healthy individuals also. Rasayana and Vajikarana are the two specialties amongst the eight branches of Ayurveda that aim at the healthy.

Medical intervention for the promotion of positive health and maintenance of health constitutes one of the main goals of Ayurveda. Primarily, Ayurveda focuses on health and its enhancement. Curing the diseased is only a preliminary step to achieve the above goal.

Svastha Vrutta is a major division of Ayurveda that gives advice on positive health considering specific individual profiles and environmental variations for al ages.

The specific goal of Rasayana is to obtain tissues endowed with excellent qualities. this is done with anticipation of risk to the tissues in order to prevent the same. The specific tissue promoting rasayana program is recommended after the individual attains maturity. The schedule of Rasayana is intricate and demands one to follow many restrictions - does and don'ts - for obtaining best systems that have actual or anticipated vulnerability. When implemented after due consideration of constitution of individual, age, disease/work strain on tissues, the risk of premature breakdown of the body (tissues) is avoided.

For the most, Rasayana programs enhance the chance of beneficial concentration of tissues promoting stuff by regulated intake of food and enforcing restrictions in usual activities.

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