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Symptoms of Urticaria

Intestinal worms, introduction to cool air, rehashed shower with cold water, psychic reasons are not many reasons due to which patients might experience the ill effects of Urticaria. This might be treated as a sort of hypersensitivity affected skin.

  • Elevated Thirst
  • Tastelessness
  • Heaviness in the body
  • Redness in the eye.

Hives generally

  • Appear as little spherical wheals, rings or giant patches and will change.
  • Itch and should be encircled by a red flare.
  • Occur in batches, and often appear on the face or the extremities.

Individual hives will last from half-hour to thirty six hours. As some hives disappear, new hives might develop.

About 40 % of individuals with chronic hives even have angioedema. Signs and symptoms of angioedema embrace giant welts or swelling of the skin which will occur round the eyes and lips, hands, feet, genitalia, and within the throat. Swelling within the throat will impede respiration and needs emergency treatment. Angioedema might itch but hives do, however will cause pain or burning.

Symptoms might not occur all the time. They'll come back and go along with no apparent trigger. For a few individuals, bound conditions, like heat, travail or stress, will build symptoms worse.

When to see a doctor

Although chronic hives and angioedema typically are not grievous, they will be debilitative and in some cases are a symbol of an underlying unhealthiness.

See your doctor if you have

  • Severe hives
  • Hives that do not reply to treatment
  • Hives that still seem for many days


Patients are advised to avoid any kind of sour, salty and pungent food. All kind of bitter vegetables are helpful in treating Urticaria. Plenty of fresh buttermilk is recommended. Rock salt mixed with mustard oil can be applied on the patient body and take a sun bath for some time. Hot water bath is advised afterwards. Don't expose the patient to cold air. Green gram power can be used instead of soap.

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