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Cause of Urticaria

Intestinal worms, exposure to cold air, perennial bath with cold water, psychic reasons are few reasons due to that patients might suffer from urtication. This will be treated as a sort of allergic reaction poignant skin.In acute types of urtication and angioedema, a history of the events encompassing the eruption is that the most vital info which will be obtained:

  • Was there a selected food ingested or medication taken inside minutes to hours before the symptoms started?
  • Was the person injured or bitten by an insect shortly before the rash began?
  • Had the person been unwell from an infection, or had a lot of stress in their life recently?

Unless there's info suggesting a particular cause, performing arts allergic reaction testing isn't sometimes required for acute urtication.

In chronic cases, a doctor might check varied blood and excretion tests, and alternative procedures like X-rays to appear for alternative causes. If a physical urtication is suspected, special tests to mimic the physical stimulation could also be performed, like putting an ice cube on the skin to cause a hive to make in folks with cold urtication. It's vital to notice that in most cases of chronic urtication and angioedema, a particular cause isn't found, and is termed disorder.


Patients are advised to avoid any kind of sour, salty and pungent food. All kind of bitter vegetables are helpful in treating Urticaria. Plenty of fresh buttermilk is recommended. Rock salt mixed with mustard oil can be applied on the patient body and take a sun bath for some time. Hot water bath is advised afterwards. Don't expose the patient to cold air. Green gram power can be used instead of soap.

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