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Mr. Dinesh Arora ( Chronic Renal Failure ) : (+91-9839025860)

He belongs to Lukhnow UP and he was suffering from chronic renal failure having a blood urea of more than 100 and serum cretanine for more than 6.2. He was advised to start treatment from Ayurveda Yogashram for chronic renal failure. He had taken treatment for more than 12 months. Now his urea level is 31 and Serum cretanine is .8.

Kamal sareen ( Hepatitis B ) : (+91-9316290655)

I am a goldsmith and was diagnosed as hepatitis B. I was given all hopes of life but then i took medicine from Dr Naveen Arya for one year and now I am totally recovered

Rakesh Sareen ( Migraine ) : (+91-9815240107)

I was a chronic patient of Migraine, but now recovered totally after Ayurveda and Panchkarma treatment of Dr Anju Arya

RPS Bhullar email ID- [email protected]

I have been suffering from psychosomatics disorder from last 7-8 years. I met Dr. Sonia from ayurvedayogashram.com about 4 months ago for the treatment.Before that I was taking antidepressants, sleeping pills and all that was suggested by other doctors. All the doctors treated me for everything but nothing worked and things were going bad to worse due to side effects of drugs.I had given the hope of being normal again. But now due to the expertise and specialized treatment of Dr. Sonia I am recovering very fastly and I am not taking even a single medicine now. I amvery much grateful and thankful to her.

Vijay Kapoor (Oligospermia)

I am a editor in newspaper and married for past 3 years. I was diagnosed as Oligospermia. It is a condition of abnormally low semen volume. That's for I have not a single child but then I took medicine from Dr Naveen Arya for three months and now I have a beautiful and healthy son.

Rashmi Bhatia ( Sciatica) : (+91-9815923276)

Totally cured from Sciatica with the help of Panchkarma procedures of Ayurveda Yogashram


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