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Swapandosha (Night Fall)

Male Health for Swapandosha :

Semen ejaculation throughout night with or while not a dream. This can be conjointly associated with mental disturbance. Adding brain tonics beside male health tonics brings instant results.

Painful coitus

This may flow from to some physical disorder. Like waterlessness in channel or some infection on male procreative organs. In same cases it's going to result to feminine half hesitation.

Burning sensation inside urethra

It is primarily attributable to the microorganism infection or less water intake.

Sexual debility

These conditions are primarily divided in 2 sorts that are in younger ones and second in elder ones. Ayurveda views that the main causes of of these conditions are suppression of natural urges, fasting, excessive exercise, excessive intercourse, an excessive amount of astringent, bitter, and pungent foods, wine and meat in excess. These cause stagnation within the generative tissue. Excessive sex is maybe the foremost common cause, as an excessive amount of ejaculation depletes the prostate of alimental fluids - and as a result the excessive demand for seminal fluid causes inflammation of the tissue.

Home Delivery of KIT for Night Fall :

  • Swapna Capules - Quantity - 120
  • Vangeshvar Ras Tablets- Quantity - 120
  • Vang rasayan Tablets - Quantity - 60
  • Aryanz Shilajeet - Quantity - 60
  • You have to pay only = $ 60 per month package
  • Duration of the course is only 2 to 3 months

Night Fall Kit

Our Price : $60

For Indian Customers

Rs. 3000/-
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