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Sinusitis Symptoms

The most common symptoms of sinusitis include

Recurrent common cold is the first stage of these disease followed by below symptoms

  • A blocked or liquid nose.
  • If your nose produces inexperienced or yellow mucous secretion, you almost certainly have a microorganism infection.
  • Pain and tenderness within the face (near the infected sinuses).
  • You may expertise a throbbing pain that's worse after you move your head, and aching or pain in your jaw after you eat.
  • A warm temperature.

Other possible symptoms include

  • A sinus headache
  • A cough
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Pressure in your ears
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • A feeling of being generally unwell


  • Children with inflammation could also be irritable, breathe through their mouth and have problem feeding.
  • Their speech could sound nasal (like they need a stuffy cold) as a result of their sinuses area unit blocked.
  • If you notice these symptoms in your kid, take them to visualize your gp.

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