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Simplify Your Life

Some people's lives are so hectic that they have decided to just chuck it all. No more lenghty commute. No more noisy, crowded, hostile city. No more high-pressure seven-to seven career. They cash in their stock options, sell off their deluxe condos, buy a spacious farm in the woods, and try to earn a living as a farmer, writer,or craftsperson.

This daydream appears to so many because they have made their lives far to complex and stressfull. but you don't have to completely abandon your current life to regain your sanity. You can begin to make your current life more manageable, thus reducing stress, enhancing enjoyment of life, and prolongimg your youthful vigor.

Roles and Scripts

All of us play many roles in life-child, spouse, parent, employee, community leader. each role bears certain responsibilities and requires the commitment of time and energy. We fulfill roles by accepting scripts that tell us how to play these roles. in most cases (other than certain jobs and professional positions), these scripts are informal and unwritten rather than afficially codified. We acquire these scripts over the years often in a subconscious way, from observing and imitating others such as parents, teachers, and friends.

Twelve Ways To Simplify Your Life

  • Rewrite Your Scripts
  • Prioritize Your Fundamental Commitments
  • Decline Excess Tasks
  • Drop Excess Organizations
  • Do Not Compete Unnecessarily
  • Cut Out Avoidable Work
  • Delegate
  • Shed Useless Items
  • Move
  • Do Not Burn The Candel At Both Ends
  • Face Reality
  • Do Not Throw Out The Baby

All Of The Above Probably sounds easier than it really is to put into practice. But remember that tryimg to simplify your life is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You will benefit from taking even small steps in this direction, even if they are only temporary. Almost anything beats feeling overburdened and pressured constantly, all the tim. see also the next three chapters for more ideas about how to gain some control over the stresses in your life.

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