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In Sanskrit, sarva means 'entire' or 'whole' and anga means 'body'.


Lie on the back and relax completely. Inhale as in complete yogi breathing, then whilst exhaling slowly, raise the legs, hips and trunk in a contribution movement until vertical. Raise the legs (knees straight) and hips by supporting the arms on the ground; then bend the elbows and hold the trunk in the hand. In this posture the chin is buried in the sternum (upper chest). Direct the attention to the thyroid gland. To return to the starting position, gently lower the trunk, pelvis and legs, and relax on the ground. Repeat the exercise two or three times.


All the precautions indicated for viparitakarni apply to this asana as well.

Benefits and Limitations

  • In this posture, the thyroid receives an abundant supply of fresh blood.
  • Regular practice of the asana will remove the symptoms of premature aging, produced by thyroid disorders.
  • One regains youthful vigour, wrinkles soften, and the body stays supply to a very great age.
  • This posture is also a blessing to those with ovary problems.
  • Ensures the good functioning of the sexual glands, both male and female.
  • The shoulder-stand clears congestion in the leg, and has a salutary effect on veins and haemorroids.
  • It can cure insomnia and depression.

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