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Rhinitis Ayurvedic Treatment, Symptoms, Diet

Rhinitis ayurvedic treatment, symptoms, diat

About Rhinitis :

Rhinitis is an inflammation of mucous membrane of nose. The inflammation is caused by allergens , bacteria and viruses. Allergic rhinitis is one of the common type of rhinitis ,it also called as hay fever.


When your body comes in contact with an allergen , it produces inflammatory response against that allergen and here the chemical substance released is histamine , which produces allergic reaction.

The most common type of allergens are –

  • Pollen from grasses , weeds , trees etc.
  • Dust mites
  • Mould and fungus spores
  • Other reasons for rhinitis -

    • Positive family history
    • seasonal
    • Asthma
    • Irritants
    • Adverse food reaction
    • Immunodeficiency disease
    • Anatomic defects
    • cold
    • Infections
    • Drug induced
    • Occupational
    • Hormonal
    • Smoking
    • Perfumes


    • Runny nose
    • Stuffy nose
    • Watery eyes
    • Sneezing
    • Episodic Rhinorrhea
    • Disturbed sleep
    • Impairment in daily activities
    • Itching in nose
    • Redness of eyes
    • Anosmia (loss of smell)
    • Fever
    • Headache
    • Eczema – itchy skin
    • Fatigue
    • anorexia

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    • Nasal polyps
    • Sinusitis
    • Middle ear infection


    According to ayurveda , rhinitis is correlated with partishaya (cold) which occurs due to dushti of praanvah srotas (respiratory system) , it happens due to vitiation of three dosha . Pratishaya is characterized by sneezing , nasal congestion , headaches , , breathlessness , itching in nose and throat . Due to aggravation of kapha dosha , there will be agnimandya (lowering of digestive fire power) which then will lead to accumulation of ama (toxins) in the body and block the channels .Aggravated vata will bring the accumulated kapha via nose causing pratishaya.

    Symptoms of partishaya depends on the dosha which is predominant –

    • Vataj pratishaya – obstructed nasal passage , watery discharge from nose , change in voice , dryness of throat , excessive sneezing ,are the common symptoms of vataj pratishaya.
    • Pittaj pratishaya – fever , bruning sensation in nose , eyes and throat , yellow colour discharge from nose , redness of eyes are the main symptoms indicating pittaj pratishaya
    • Kaphaj pratishaya – heaviness in head , nasal congestion , white colour discharge from nose are the main symptoms of kaphaj pratishaya.
    • Sannipataj pratishaya – symptoms are mixed in case of sannipataj
    • Other symptoms are body ache , horriplations , anorexia , cough , headache , indriyaamarthya (impaired olfaction ) , kaphotklesh ( increased mucus)


    • Suppressing natural urges
    • Raja(dust)
    • Krodha (anger)
    • Atibhashya (talking in exess)
    • Rituvaishamya (seasonal variations)
    • Prajagra ( not sleeping during night)
    • Ambusheet ( cold water)
    • Dhooma (smoke)



    • Light food should be taken because of ama
    • drink luke warm water
    • eat spices like ginger , garlic and haldi
    • use sendha namak (Epsom salt)
    • add tulsi , kaali mirch in tea
    • honey and ginger can be taken
    • drink hot soup
    • steam inhalation
    • golden milk ( haldi milk)
    • avoid drinking cold beverages
    • avoid eating heavy foods
    • avoid too much sweets ,desserts , cakes.
    • avoid intake of curd , lassi , sugarcane juice.
    • Avoid fruits like banana it will increase kapha


    • Wear mask
    • Stay away from the irritants that causes allergic reaction
    • Take warm water bath
    • Do not expose yourself to excessive cold or hot conditions
    • Take rest
    • Do not suppress natural urges
    • Do not reside in dark places
    • Avoid sleeping during day time
    • Include yoga in daily practice


    Ayurvedic treatment is done on the basis of dosha , nature and bala (strength) of the patient . its main objective is to treat the disease from its root cause .

    Steps that are used to treat rhinitis in ayurveda are-

    • Panchakarma therapy – panchkarma includes vaman (emesis) , virechan , nasya , basti and raktmokshan , its main objective is to balance dosha by evacuating aggravated dosha.
    • In case of rhinitis vaman , virechan and nasya is indicated using herbal medicines . Vaman helps in evacuating aggravated kapha dosha where virechan helps in evacuating pitta dosha , and nasya (nasal drops) helps in removing dosha accumulated above neck .

    Herbal drugs :

    • Ginger – it has anti-inflammatory properties keep the respiratory tract healthy. It relaxes airway muscles , and provide relief from asthma. Helps in reducing inflammation , due to hot potency it reduces kapha and increase apetite .
    • Shirish - it suppresses histamine signaling by inhibiting H1 receptor very effective in allergies . effective in rhinitis.
    • Guduchi – it is used in allergic rhinitis , significantly decreases sneezing , nasal itching ,nasal discharge , stuffy nose and is an immuno booster. Has anti-inflammatory action and anti-viral property. It helps in balancing all three dosha.
    • Amalki- it is very effective drug increases immunity and has good anti-inflammatory action , having good anti-oxidant properties.
    • Marich - it is having anti-inflammatory , anti-spasmodic , expectorant properties very effective in respiratory disorders. Due to hot potency balance kapha.
    • Guggul –it has good anti-inflammatory action , beneficial in reducing symptoms of allergies .
    • Haritaki - it is very effective in cough ,coryza ,breathlessness.
    • Tulsi – it is commonly used by Indians as home remedy for cold due to its tremendous properties, helps in treating various respiratory disorders and also boost immunity. It has anti-inflammatory action reduces inflammation ,rich in anti-oxidants.
    • Haridra - it is the best herb having immunobooster properties , works effectively in allergies , having anti-inflammatory action reduces inflammation , it helps in reducing symptoms of rhinitis .
      • These all are the certain drugs effective in treating rhinitis and helps in providing relief from symptoms . They can be used in different forms like decoctions , churna , tablets etc.

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