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The Yoga can reduce "age-related" spinal curvature and back pain:

A recent study has confirmed that yoga could be just the right exercise to reduce age-related curve of the upper spine (known as dowager's hump).

Yoga increases flexibility, improves posture, mobility and strengthens core muscles, apart from reducing stress, and improving self confidence. For those of you who suffer from back pain and have no cure with medications it is time to adopt yoga, on consultation with your doctor.

Also, new research by the National Institute of Health has revealed that those suffering from chronic back pain can just head to their nearest yoga studio, as it has been found that taking regular yoga classes can reduce back pain and enhance flexibility.

Antifungal activity of Tomato seed extract

Polar extract of Lycopersicon esculentum showed higher activity against the mycelial growth of Collectofrichum 73 gloeosporioicles while non polar extract showed higher activity against the spore germaination of C.cucumerinum

Source : Nidiry, E.S. Photochemistry laboratory.

Effect of vaman karma and virechan karma in Psoriasis

It is a chronic inflammatory disease marked by the presence of reddish brown papules and plaques covered with layers of silvering scales. keeping this fact trial was done with 32 patients in government college Trivandrum. result shows that Shodhan therapy was very effective in reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

Source:A.sankar babu, P.shakaran kutty, Goverment Collge,Trivandruem

Eczema Management

An attempt has been made to overcome the problems of recurrence of Eczema by using thentherapy like Panchtikta kashya ( For internal use ) and Karnja taila (for local application) .Results were highly significant.

Source: Das, B; Baghel, M.S. Deparment of kaya chiktsa, Gujrat ayurveda University.

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