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Rejuvenation Home Remedies

  • Papaya may be a nice fruit. Overwhelming it daily makes the liver sturdy and additionally it's superb for skin rejuvenation. combine papaya pulp with essence and add anybody of those - shoe, black cherry or Indian maddar. Apply this paste of unpolluted dry face. Keep it until it's semi dry. Wash it to induce rejuvenated skin.
  • To get glowing and rejuvenated skin take raw coconut and grate it to induce its juice. Daily apply this juice on your face to induce glowing skin.
  • After each wash, take the vanishing cream of your selection and apply this on your face. Currently massage it by gently along with your hands. A minimum of fifty circular motions are counseled. This very keep the condition away and a awfully effective thanks to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Soak a clean cloth in unboiled full fate milk. Squeeze it a little and keep it on your face for a minimum of ten minutes. nice tip to rejuvenate your skin. Additionally by doing this thrice in an exceedingly week your skin can truly glow. Castor oil prevents wrinkles therefore apply it daily on your face and different elements of body.
  • Cucumber cleans your skin. For its cleansing action combine cucumber with milk and apply this on face.
  • To remove tanning from your face prepare a facemask of egg white and honey. Apply this on your face to induce obviate tanning.
  • To treat dry skin combine honey, lemon and oil. Apply this on face and keep for ten min to get rid of waterlessness.
  • To remove blemishes daily apply juice.
  • Mash a rippened banana and apply this on your face on each alternate day.

Ayurvedic Treatments and tips for Rejuvenation :

  • A whole body massage of 60 minutes duration on the first day.
  • A whole body massage of 15 minutes followed by 40 minutes of sudation for the next 2 days
  • A whole body massage of 15 minutes followed by 40 minutes of sudation for the next 4 days
  • The cleansing of the oral cavity, the nose, eyes and ears prior to oil application on the body during the first seven days.
  • A whole body massage of 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes in the steam chamber for the next 2 days.
  • A mild whole body massage of Herbal medicated oil on the forehead for the last 2 days of the treatment period.

Rejuvination KIt

  • AZ Vigour capsules - Quantity - 120
  • Oligo Granules - Quantity - 120 (1 Tsf morning 1 Evening)
  • Urjafit Churan - Quantity - 200 gm
  • Az- Vazi Plus capsules(1 Morning 1 Evening)
  • Shilajeet Capsules (1 Morning 1 Evening)
  • Cost = $160 per month package

Rejuvenation Kit

Our Price : $160

For Indian Customers

Rs. 8000/-

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