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Prostaid is an herbal ayurvedic formulation that promotes optimum prostate health, urogenital function, bladder function and reproductive function. Prostaid is a non-hormonal herbal blend which helps maintain a healthy prostrate and an effective reproductive function.

Benefits Of Prostaid:

  • Prostate and urinary tract support.
  • Prostaid promotes a healthy reproductive function.
  • It has been proven to be a safe and cost-efficient approach to supporting the overall normal urogenital functions
  • A combination of ayurvedic herbs which has been used in ayurveda since time immemorial.


90 Capsules, 750 mg each


1 Capsule one time a day (one after breakfast and another after dinner) with warm milk or plain water regularly for 3 to 4 months to get satisfactory result.

Ingredients Of Prostaid:

  • Gokhru (Tribulus Terrestris): It is an ancient herb, used since thousands of years for its immense medicinal qualities. Gokhru has been used in India to deal with kidney and urinary problems, and also as a sexual libido enhancer. It is also considered an aphrodisiac and libido-enhancer.
  • Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa) Root: Punarnava – Boerhavia diffusa is one of the very important anti inflammatory medicinal herbs. It is well known for its diuretic and swelling reducing activities. Punarnava promotes balanced fluid levels in the tissues and the aids in healthy flow of urine.
  • Shatavari (Asperagus Racemosus) Root: Shatavari is actually considered to be the most helpful herb for women as it helps in balancing the female hormonal system. It nourishes the womb and ovum and almost prepares the female organs for pregnancy and prevents threatened miscarriage. It also improves super lactation.
  • Shilajit (Mineral Pittch) Oozing: Ayurveda recognizes shilajit as the most powerful rejuvenating substance available to humankind. Shilajit is known to give the physical power and actually reducing the apparent age of a person. Shila means rock and shilajit means rock borne or rock like. Shilajit gives high levels of physical endurance, libido, enhanced nervous system and brain functioning.
  • Kachnar (Bauhinia Variegate): Kachnar is believed to pacify the 3 doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It protects the kidneys against toxicity and damage due to accumulation of toxic chemicals and it also have anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties.
  • Varuna (Crataeva Nurvala) Stem: It is an important Ayurvedic herb that is especially valued for its effectiveness in the treatment of renal conditions. Varuna is used by traditional Ayurvedic herbalists to increase appetite, while stimulating digestion and elimination and also as an herbal treatment for flatulence and abdominal pain.
  • Utangan (Blepharis Edulis) Seeds:In Ayurveda, this herb is recommended for use as a sexual invigorator and aphrodisiac in males. Recent studies show evidence that the seeds of Utaangan have potent aphrodisiac activity. Utangan (Blepharis) based Indigenous Herbal Medicines for Sexual Health.
  • Tamalakhana (Hygrophila Spinosa) Seed: It is useful in impotence and for increasing sperm count. Talmakhana significant health benefits are increased energy, improved semen to prevent depression, erectile dysfunction has been resolved.
  • Sudh Guggul Gum: Ayurvedic literature is full of praises for Guggul and its divine actions, from healing bone fractures and inflammations to treating cardiovascular disease, obesity and lipid disorders. Guggul has also been proven helpful for regulating cholesterol levels.
  • Beej Band (Sida Cordifolia) whole plant: It has a diuretic effect and is useful in urinary problems. In herbal combinations, Sida cordifolia is used for weight loss, erectile dysfunction (ED), sinus problems, allergy, throat diseases, asthma, and bronchitis.
  • Tambula (Piper Betel) Leaves: Tambula is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Diamond. It increases pitta and neutralizes kapha. It promotes evacuation of the bowels and expulsion of the gases.
  • Swarn Bhanga (Zinc Calcined): Swarna Bhasma is prepared from Gold. Swarna Vanga is an Ayurvedic medicine, with herbal and mineral ingredients, in powder / tablet form. It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, etc.
  • Safed Musli (Chlorphytum Arundinaceum) Seed: It is a very popular aphrodisiac agent, with no side effects. It is often prescribed for enhancing male potency and overcoming signs of fatigue. It is particularly used for individuals with low sperm count and low libido.
  • Black Musale (Curculigo Orchiodes) Tuber: Curculigo orchioides is not only known for being part of the Vajikarana Rasayana system of medicine, where it is used as an aphrodisiac herb in many herbal preparations.
  • Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans) Seed: Nutmeg is especially effective in helping with male sexual disorders. It will increase sexual activity,libido and potency without any conspicuous adverse effects. Nutmeg seeds improves circulation of blood in the body, helping to stimulate the brain.
  • Mochras (Salmalia Malabarica) Gum Resin: The fruits of this plant can be used to prevent weakness of the sex organs as well. Salmalia can be used to relieve gonorrhea and other infections related with the genital organs of the body. The fruits of this plant can be used to prevent weakness of the sex organs as well.

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