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Plat Well

Plat Well

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Plat well is used to increase the low platelet count and immunity by natural methods.It also increases our immune system.We can use plat well in all types of fever related with low platlet counts .We can also use in all the proble ms where we need to increase the internal strength.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules twice a day with water or as directed by the physician.


  • Low platelet count in the blood due to viral, platelet booster in dengue, malaria and chemotherapy. Thrombocytopaenia.
  • The Main ingredient Are :-

  • Ext.Guduchi(St.)(Tinospora cordifolia): It is known as the best Immunity booster agent. for all type of fevers it acts as the vitalizer. In Ayurveda it is also known as the amrita that means nectar.

  • Ext.Papaya(Lf.)(Carica Papaya): According to Ayurveda Carica papaya leaf extract increases the platelet count in dengue fever without any side effect and prevents the complication of thrombocytopenia.
  • Why Plat Well

    Plat well is the best herbal remedy for low platelet counts. Plat well is a combination of pure herbs Ext.Guduchi(St.)(Tinospora cordifolia) and Ext.Papaya(Lf.)(Carica Papaya) .Guduchi is the best Immunity booster agent and it act as the vitalizer for all types of ferver.Papaya leafs is the agent to increase the platelet count and cure all types of fever like dengue, malaria.

    We can overcome only if we have the power and force to fight against the disease.

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