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Obesity | Home Remedies

  • Walking is the best remedy for weight control
  • Aryans Yoga & Power Yoga are the best solution for this
  • Honey can be used by mixing it with lukewarm plain water
  • Spices like Ginger, cumin, black pepper are also used for overweight management
  • A blend of green vegetables & seasonal fruits are best alternative diet
  • Decrease the quantity of salt in your daily diet
  • Use Trifla in your daily routine. Its not a medicine but act as an antioxidant
  • Shudh Gugulu is also a best remedy for this
  • Avoid day time sleeping
  • Avoid aerated and alcoholic drinks
  • Avoid rice, potato, sweets, ice creams, chocolates
  • Intake of cabbage also reduces the conversion of sugars to fat

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