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Naukasana (The Boat Pose)

The word "Nauka" means 'boat' in Sanskrit. The body resembles a boat in the final posture


  • Lie on the floor on your abdomen with the chest and forehead touching the ground.
  • Keep your legs together and hand by the side..
  • Extend your hands in front parallel to each other. Make sure the upper arms are touching the corresponding ears.
  • Turn your palms and rest them on the ground.
  • Join all fingers.
  • Inhale and raise your arms, head, neck, chest, trunk and legs above the ground.
  • Your arms should be touching the ears and the legs should be together.
  • Pull your head further up.
  • Your finger tips and toes should all be at the same level.
  • Your entire body must be balanced on the abdomen.
  • Arch the spine as much as you can and extend the limbs. Your body curvature should be prominent.
  • Remain in this posture steadily for as long as you can hold your breath.
  • Exhaling return your arms and legs to the floor.


  • Hips, arms, thighs, knees, calves, feet are strengthened by this pose.
  • Any abnormal curvature of the spine is corrected by Naukasana.
  • Spine attains flexibility with regular practice.
  • Muscles of the back, abdomen, the lower limbs, neck and shoulders become stronger.

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