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Mooladhara Chakra (Root)

Introduction to the Mooladhara Chakra (Root)

The Sanskrit word moola means 'root or foundation' and that is precisely what this chakra is. Mooladhara is at the root of the chakra system and its influences are at the root of our whole existence. The impulses of life rise through the body and flower as the widest expansion of our awareness in the area known as sahasrara. It seems a great paradox that this earthiest and most basic of the chakras guides us to the highest consciousness.

The location point

The seat of mooladhara in the male body is located slightly inside the perineum, midway between the scrotum and the anus. It is the inner aspect of that nerve complex which carries all kinds of sensations and is immediately connected with the testes. In the female body, mooladhara chakra lies on the posterior side of the cervix.

Traditional symbology :

Mooladhara chakra is traditionally represented by a lotus flower with four deep crimson petals. On each petal is a letter: vam, sham, sham, sam, written in gold. In the pericarp is a yellow square, symbol of the earth element, surrounded by eight golden spears - four at each corner and four at the cardinal points. These are said to represent the seven Kula mountains on the base spear of earth.

Balancing the nadis :

Mooladhara is the base from which three main psychic channels or nadis emerge and flow up the spinal cord. It is said that ida, the mental force, emerges from the left of mooladhara; pingala, the vital force, from the right; and sushumna, the spiritual force, from the center. According to tantra, this emanation point is highly volatile. When the positive and negative forces of ida and pingala are completely balanced, an awakening is sparked off here which arouses the dormant kundalini. Usually, this state of balance between ida and pingala nadis can only be achieved sporadically and for short durations. This may be sufficient to trigger off an awakening, but only a mild one, in which kundalini rises as far as swadhisthana or manipura, and then drops back down to mooladhara again.

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