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Main Ayurvedic weight Loss Secrets

Simplicity in Eating

The phrase consumption to measure is stressed here. Individuals are inspired to eat easy meals, cooked fresh and in minimum oil. I feel the primary step in any diet program could be a modification of perspective towards consumption. Mental discipline can offer the person occurring a diet the need power to resist unhealthy foods. So, very aptly, simply digestible foods with choices for rice porridge, steamed vegetables, vegetable soups and wheat based mostly dishes are to be consumed.


No fried, greasy foods are allowed. embrace snacks just like the ancient Kerala steamed banana. Pappads are to be cooked and not deep fried.

High Fibre grains and cereals

Go for yavam rice, or high fibre barley with steamed vegetables. These foods even though consumed moderately, offer satiation. Build this mandatory for lunch or dinner. Additionally select oats and dalia once potential. No commercial or processed foods should be ingested.

Sweets and Desserts

No sweets allowed aside from the sugar within the tea. You will not miss the sugar since yavam rice steadies your blood glucose keeping food cravings cornered.

Protein Foods

Get proteins from soybean, totally different daals, Bengal gram, horse grain and mung bean. Non-vegetarian food isn't prohibited in Ayurveda, however this internal secretion pumped up breeds of poultry are undoubtedly a NO. Tiny fish is permissible cooked as in an exceedingly curry and not deep-fried.


Buttermilk is most well-liked to thick curds; alternative beverages like tea and occasional are alright too. Drink a minimum of 1500ml of warm water daily to each hydrate you and delay hunger. Heat water stays longer within the abdomen, delaying hunger.

Avoiding your Favourites

If you're a rice eater, shift to wheat dosas or chapattis at a meal thus you finish up consumption lesser of this. the other way around might additionally facilitate, much maybe.

Counting Calories

More than calorie numeration, following a discipline in consumption and life helps. Your modified food habits and perspective towards consumption are what's going to facilitate maintain or slim down.

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