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Now a days kids are littered with many genetically and environmental disorders like allergic reaction, sinusitis. All medicinal specialists started to give serious antibiotics and steroids in terribly early stage people that care (Parents, Doctors, Teachers, Guardians and others) all wish to understand additional regarding kid's health .If the kid is feeding well, sleeping well, exercise well and weight gain well then it's same that the kid is healthy. There are some basic natural principals with the help of we will monitor our kid's health.

  • Eat all kind of natural food: we should always eat a balanced diet that is made of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals and Vitamins. There should be a variety of foods. New tastes should be else to your kids menu. In daily menu fruits and vegetables should be there
  • Take more liquids: Drink the maximum amount as liquids as you'll. Milk may be a complete balanced diet for teenagers as a result of it's a good supply of metal and minerals. opt for recent fruit or vegetable juices instead of Soft drinks, soda, juice cocktails. These contains plenty of additional sugar, additional calorie
  • Listen to your body: What does it feel like to be full? when you're feeding, notice however your body feels and when your stomach feels well full. Sometimes, folks eat an excessive amount of as a result of they don't notice once they have to be compelled to stop feeding. feeding an excessive amount of will cause you to feel uncomfortable, and over a period of your time, it will cause unhealthy weight gain.
  • Limit screen time: it's the number of your time you pay looking TV, DVDs, and videos, playing handheld computer games, and exploitation the computer. The more time you pay on these sitting-down activities, the less time out there for active stuff, like running, cycling, and cricket and swimming. try to pay no quite 1 hour a day on screen time, not counting computer use related to school work.
  • Be active: One job you've got as a child - and it is a fun one - is that you get to work out that activities you wish best. Not everybody loves cricket or running. perhaps your passion is martial art, or kickball, or dancing. ask your parents to assist you do your favorite activities regularly. realize ways to be active every day. you may even write down a listing of fun stuff to try and do, so you'll ask it when your mother or dad says it's time to prevent looking TV or playing computer games

And specifically Yoga and specially kids Yoga is should .We have designed special package for teenagers within which stress is arranged upon physical, mental, social, emotional and non secular time period.

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Benefits of Kids Yoga

  • It increases creativity
  • It increases flexibility
  • It encourages will power and concentration
  • It sharpens the memory
  • It develops kindness
  • It corrects childhood obesity
  • It controls enormous stress due o increased level of competition
  • It boosting up the self esteem of kids
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