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Diet Plan for Growing Children

Growing children need extra nutrition. Often, mothers worry if the child is eating right and growing properly. Guardian Pharmacy's nutritionist prepares a diet plan for growing children that will make lives of mothers simpler.

What your child should have for breakfast?

Any one of the below mentioned options

  • Bread preferably brown with jam and milk
  • Boiled egg with milk
  • Milk with cereal
  • Cheese sandwich with milk
  • Poha/ upma with milk

Mid morning

Fruit salad

Evening (Any one)

  • Sooji porridge
  • Banana shake
  • Milk


Same as lunch

Give milk to the child post dinner.

Benefits of Kids Yoga

  • It increases creativity
  • It increases flexibility
  • It encourages will power and concentration
  • It sharpens the memory
  • It develops kindness
  • It corrects childhood obesity
  • It controls enormous stress due o increased level of competition
  • It boosting up the self esteem of kids
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