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Kati Basti


Kati basti is indicated in painful conditions of low back region. The procedure swedana itself is helpful in relieving the pain; additionally to the current the medicated oil that gets absorbed from the skin has distinctive therapeutic effects. This procedure is proved to be effective in diseases like, Lumber Spondylosis, Spondylolysthesis, Disc Prolopse, Autoimmune Disorder, Arthritis Rheumatoid and Lumbosacral Strain.


A frame of black gram paste is formed round the sacral region. Heat medicated oil is poured into the frame. This heat oil heats the sacral region inducement perspiration this can be followed by massage and fomentation to the present a part of the body. This can be the procedure of kati-basti and full account of the procedure is given within the consequent lines.

Preparation of the black gram paste

500 grams of black paste is taken an exceedingly wide mouthed vessel and is accessorial with an equal quantity of heat water. This mixture is then overwhelmed well to make a thick paste.

Preparation of the client

Kati basti could also be performed at any time of the day. However it's ideal to hold out the procedure within the morning hours. When evacuating the intestine and bladder also as brushing the teeth the consumer is subjected to kati basti. The healer at the start chants the svastivachana prayer. The consumer is then asked to change posture on his abdomen. The low back region is exposed.

Making a Frame

The black gram paste is rolled to mould it into an elongated rounded mass. The free ends of the elongated mass of paste are joined to make a hoop of roughly 5 inches in diameter. This is often then placed on the purchasers back on the affected half. The gap between the skin and therefore the paste is sealed by pressing the black gram paste against the skin. Protection is completed at each within and out of doors surface of the ring. During this method a frame is ready and its height should be more or less 1.5 inches.

Pouring Oil

Oil is heated in an exceedingly water bathtub up to fifty degree Centigrade. This oil is poured into the frame. The higher level of the oil should be more or less one inch on top of the skin. Therapist should ensure that the warmth the oil is tolerable.

Gentle Massage

The therapist standing beside the body part of the consumer facing the top finish of the table should perform mild massage. For this the healer dips one among his thumbs within the oil within the frame. Then he moves his thumb in linear fashion on the spine applying light and firm pressure. This massage is sustained for concerning ten minutes.

Changing the oil

The oil poured within the starting gets cooled as time passes. Once it gets cooled, the oil is taken out from the frame with the help of a spoon. As an alternative one will soak a chunk of cotton within the oil to get rid of and add the oil. Fresh heat oil is then poured into the frame. The cooled oil that's taken out is currently unbroken within the water bathtub for healing, and can be reused throughout the procedure of kati basti. During this method because the oil within the frame cools down, it should get replaced by the warm one.

Removing the oil and frame

This procedure of heating the low back with heat oil is sustained for concerning 0.5 an hour. Then the oil and also the frame are removed.


The healer standing beside the shopper currently performs the massage on the rear. Therapist should place his reach the palms on the sacral region with the thumbs approximated at the center on the spine, and therefore the different fingers unfold covering the buttocks on either sides. Then he slides his palm upwards applying firm pressure. This can be continual for a few time.


After the massage the low back region is subjected to fomentation. For this the cotton towel is soaked in boiling water. The water within the towel is squeezed out. Heat is then applied to the rear by waving, touching and pressing the nice and cozy towel on the rear. This procedure is sustained for concerning five minutes. This completes the procedure of kati basti.


The healer should closely observe the shopper for the symptoms indicative of correct impact of svedana. If the consumer develops any symptoms indicative of deficient svedana or excessive svedana it should be treated consequently.

After Procedure

After the kati basti the client is asked to require rest for regarding quarter-hour in supine position. Then he could also be allowed to require quandary bathtub. The utilization of bathroom soap to clean the oil should be discouraged; instead Bengal gram powder could also be used for this purpose.


Shir means Head, and Dhara means to pour. That means to pour something on head especially on the third eye.

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