Ayurvedic Treatment

Kanchnara Guggulu

Ayurvedic treatment for  Endometriosis and Fibroids

Kanchnara guggulu

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For Indian Customers

990.00 /-

Serving Size : 90 capsules per bottle 800 mg each


Kanchnar Guggulu helps to balance the excess Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water) in body. It helps to reduce or break down the deep seated Kapha (Water) and supports proper circulation of blood & promote elimination of toxins from body.


1 to 2 Capsule 2 times a day preferably with warm milk or water.

Benefits of Kanchnar Guggulu:

  • Treats Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)
  • Corrects Anovulation,Amenorrhoea
  • Helps to Treat Thyroidism
  • Treats Goitre
  • Corrects Hormonal Imbalance
  • Treats Endometriosis and Fibroids
  • Enhances Female Reproductive Health
  • Treats Lipoma
  • No Side Effects.
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