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Handle Stress At Work

Adults with jobs typically spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. Many spend more time with colleagues at the job site than with their spouses, children, other family members, and network friends. Some people like it that way. Some folks become workaholics because they find the structure and prescribed relationships at work more comfortable than the unpredictable and freewheeling responsibilities and demands at home.

But others find considerable conflict, tension Stress, and emotional turmoil at work. They do rather be somewhere else- perhaps anywhere else- but can not afford to give up their jobs because they need the money. If your work environment is wonderful, then you may not find article very helpful. But if any of the following work conflicts sound all too familiar then please read on.

Typical Stresses At Work

  • Overload. Do you have more work than you can comfortably handle? More than is humanly possible, yet it keep on coming?
  • Disruptive Colleagues. Is there someone in your group who's always on your case? Someone who drains too much of your time through continual interruption or too much chitchat?
  • Do you have clients or customers who are difficult, rude, demanding, or otherwise unpleasant?
  • Boss problems. Is your boss the aggressive, screamer type who likes to rule by intimidating others? Does he makes stupid mistakes yet blame you when things go wrong? Is she discombobulated, ineffective, and unable to make decisions?
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