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Gokhru of Benefits(Gokshura)

Description :

  • English name: Gulancha Tinospora
  • Botanical name: Tribulis Terrestris
  • Ayurvedic name: Gokhru/Gokshura
  • Parts used: Fruit
  • Habitat and Botany: This herb is a commonly found in sandy soil throughout India at 11,000 ft. in Kashmir. Gokhru is the plaint of choice. It has a 5,000 year-old history of medicinal use in India.
  • Main Active Constituents:- Saponin

Action (pharmacology):

Cooling, Diuretic, Tonic, Aphrodisiac, It benefits in both male and female Uro-genital system ( Urinary system and Reproductive system) like for impotence, Venereal diseases, Sexual debility, Low sperm count, Dysuria (painful micturation).Its Aphrodisiac action due to the presence of Saponinn in Gokhru. It is also very beneficial in breaking the calculus especially in kidney stones. It boosts the hormones in the body. Hormones produced by the body or taken in via Phytosteriodes do not accumulate in tissue and are easily broken down by our bodies. Therefore the body is not going to incorporate/metabolize a large quantity of hormones at any stage. Gokshur stimulates increase in hormone production in the body and also stimulates its effect. Its health benefit of hormone supplement action from anti-aging to anti-oxidants is well known. One group of natural sources for hormones is the plant steroid (i.e. Plant that have been laboratory proven to contain steroid hormones). There it has been used for boosting hormone production in men and women. It can naturally support testosterone productions which in turn build muscle size and strength. It is also very beneficial in Itchy skin and blood purification


Stress: Investigation both clinical and experimental have observed that Ashwagandha acts as an anti-stress and adaptogenic herb

  • Urinary disorders
  • Impotence and infertility
  • Kidney diseases
  • Diseases of the genito-urinary system
  • Calculus affections
  • Uterine disorders
  • Improving vitality
  • It revitalizes the emaciated human system
  • It strengthens the postpartum woman
  • It is being studied as a potential herbal remedy against AIDS

Cost of 60 vege capsules or 500 gm of Gokshur root powder is $15.00

Gokhru (Gokshura)

Our Price for 800 mg cap packing: $13
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