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Give Up Tobacco

Tobacco use kills about twelve hundred American a day (About half a million a year) - more than all the U.S. combat deaths in world war II and Vietnam combined, more than all deaths on nation's highways. Smoking disfigures people, robs them of the ability to breath, racks their bodies with agonizing diseases, and cuts years or even decades off their liver. It makes them smelly, it discolors teeth, it impairs their enjoyment of food. Research recently published in the journal of the American medical association report previously unknown risks even to hearing, with smokers 70 percent more likely to experience hearing loss than nonsmokers. If you think smoking is cool, sophisticated, and debonair, go visit a longtime smoker in the hospital who's dying of lung cancer that has metastasized to the brain. you opinion will change very quickly.

How Smoking Slashes Years Off Your Life

All Tobacco Is Dangerous

Some people thinks that only cigarettes are harmful. They say," I smoke cigars or pipe; I don't inhale; therefore my smoking is safe." Others say I don't smoke at all. i just gnaw on chewing tobacco or keep a wad of snuff between my gums and cheeks; since there's no smoke, its safe.

Sorry, but none of these myths is true. Inhale smoke may be worse for lungs, but bringing tobacco's poisons into your mouth in any form creats terrible risks. Just as the toxins and carcinogens in smoke attack lung tissue, the same tobacco ingredients in the mouth attack all parts of the oral cavity and surrounding tissues. The individual cell under attack does not care if the harmful chemicals come as smoke or as dissolved in saliva. Poison is poison. and cancer of the jaw or throat is just as scary as lung cancer.

Tobacco Increases Health Risks

Someone else will say,' Not true! My uncle smoked all his life and lived until the age of ninety-three."

Its correct that not every one who use tobacco dies from it, but the risks are very large and very real. If six people play Russian roulette by placing one bullet in a revolved with six shambers, then each in turn points at his or her hand and pulls the tagger, not everyone suffers, but one is going to die. Habitual tobacco users really are taking a risk just as obvious and dangerous in the long term as this.

Tobacco Is Habit Forming

Smoking quickly can become a habit - it feels uncomfortable to quit. At this point, you are addicted, and trying to forsake the weed lends to withdrawal symptoms and cravings. there are ways around this problem, however (see below)

Don't Wait-Quit Now!

If you can quit cold turkey do it. But most people cant. As mark twain used to say," Its easy to quit smoking; I've done it hundred times."

  • Ease withdrawal. Put on the patch, chew the gum, try the filters that cut down on nicotine intake-it is okay to try the products designed to help people quit.
  • Gradully reduction intake lessens the withdrawal discomfort. but it does spread this discomfort out over a longer period.

Avoid the weight gain associated with quitting

People who quit smoking often gain weight, sometimes so much that take up the habit again. Not a good plan. Both conditions are hazardous to your health, so don't trade either one for the other.

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