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Tip of the Week

Food For Gut


They contain numerous vitamins and mineral, elevate the amount of healthy bateria in the belly, and are easily digested to provide greater energy within 30 minutes of consumption.

Dark Cherries

The antixidants they contain keep the digestion system working productively, and they contain high fibre, which relieves constipation. Other benefits include protection from baterial, viral and fungal infection; anti - aging qualities; and they aid in healthy brain functioning.

Chia Seeds

Think flax seed on crack! These little seeds keep you full longer, and provide complete gastrointestinal releif due to their high fibre content.

Coconut Oil

The anti- microbial properties of coconut oil eliminates the bad bacteria in our digestive tract, allowing for stability and relief from constipation. Coconut oil is easy to digest due to the medium - chain fatty acids, which are digested differently than other fats, and don't require much use of the pancreas.


Friendly bacteria that live inside your digestive tract help digestion. Eating yoghurt with live cultures and other foods that contain probiotics build up that positive population in your body.


The soothing taste of peppermint may ease indigestion as well as some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

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