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Fat Heal

Fat Heal

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Serving Size : 90 capsules per bottle 500 mg each


BOOST METABOLISM: Fat Heal boosts your Metabolism & enhances the power of digestion. If you have high rate of metabolism then you can never put on weight. This herbal combination is mainly focus on increasing metabolism. According to Ayurvedic principals, if your jatharagni is high you can never become fat. Fat Heal works on increasing this Jathar Agni.

DECREASE EXCESS SUGAR : Fat Heal has very special unique Ayurvedic combination that reduces your craving for sugar & neutralizes excess sugar in your body. Therefore Fat Heal is best for all Diabetic patients in which our insulin secretion is not natural. Diabetic patients need more care and precaution to lose weight.

FAT BURNING CONTENT : These herbs are best known from centuries for fat burning. So we make them all together in one formula to provide the best fat burning composition. In this way it do not provide any sagging.

FOR HYPER CHOLESTEROL : These herbs also act on the root cause. In many cases high cholesterol and high trigycerides are the main reasons. So it acts on both facts. Reduces fat as well as reduces high cholesterol and high trigycerides.

Main Ingredients:


    Loh Bhasam








    Shudha Guggulu

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