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Fasting For Purification

Breaking the fast

There is sometimes a tendency toward an abnormal craving to eat more food and after finishing a fast. Be very cautious and careful, for if you yield to those impulses, the consequences could be serious and harmful.

The method of breaking the fast will depend on its duration, but generally the first food taken should be liquid diluted fruit juices and /or vegetable juice.

After a three day fast drinking water only follow this procedure

On the fourth day, drink fruit and / or vegetable juice (dilute 50/50 with water).

On the fifth day, eat fresh vegetable soup (no canned or packed soups!) and fresh fruit, but not at the same meal.

On the sixth day, eat salad and a protein.

On the seventh day, return to a normal vegetarian whole food diet.

After a two, three or four-week fast, eating only grapes the diet should then include two days of fruit and vegetable juices, live cultured yoghurt and grapes. Then continue the diet as for the fifth, sixth and seventh days of the three-day fast as above.

After breaking the fast it is also well to keep the following points in mind :

Take only small amounts of food and crew each mouthful well. eat with awareness.

Your stomach will have shrunk and will require less food, so take care not to overload it.

Do not over-exercise for the first few days.

Drink plenty of pure mineral water.

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