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Fasting For Purification

Spiritual Fasting

The vedic scriptures points out that fasting helps one to control the mind and senses, so that one can advance in spiritual realization.

The most advanced yogic and saints fast in that they actually forget to eat is not the result of self abnegation, but of spontaneous, pure love of god. Christ, Buddha and St Francis of Assisi, All fasted for 40 days before starting their divine missions.

How To Fast

Do not fast if you have diabetes, are seriously toxic, with kindly disease, or have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia (unless under medical, expert guidance). Also do not fast without expert guidance if you are recovering from serious alcohol or drug dependency.

The duration of fast depends largely on the purpose for which it is undertaken. For a general detoxification, one to three days a month is sufficient if you are following a balanced vegetarian diet. If you fast once a week the benefits will be greatly enhanced. Without guidance, the standard duration of three days is generally long enough to give the whole system a complete rest.

For a prolonged fast of up to one month we would suggest the grape fast, which is very purifying. fast on grape, pure grape juice and pure mineral water only for two weeks, or for maximum benefit three or four weeks.

The grapes must be well washed in hot water to eliminate any chemicals that may have been sprayed in them. (Place grapes in large bowl and wash with hot water three times, Throwing the water away after each wash): Begin by eating a few ounces of grapes every few hours when you feel hungry.

You must also eat the grape pips, as this will give you the needed roughage to keep the bowels working. Then you can gradually increase the amount from 2lb a day, up to 4 or 5 a day.

On the first day of the fast your positive mental attitude will make all the difference to how you progress with it .

Look upon fasting as a spiritual practice. Do not advertise it, let only those people know who are close to you, or who are sympathetic and understanding.

During the fast you will find that your tongue becomes thickly coated with a white or yellowish colour. This indicates that the process of cleansing is being accelerated to great degree, and the toxins are being eliminated from the body. This coating will clear as you continue to fast. You can also help to clean the coating by cleaning the tongue with water and your fingers or toothbrush. Rinse your mouth out with containing pure lemon juice and sea salt, then massage your gums and clean your teeth.

If you are having no bowel movement during the fast, then on each day of the fast choose one of the following options:

Take powdered psyllium seeds. Mix a tablespoon of powder with half a pint of water in a blender, or whisk it by hand, and drink the mixture straight down. This gives a bulk which is not absorbed, but which clears the bowels, attracting toxic as it passes through the body.

Do not use laxatives!

While fasting try to rest by relaxing as much as possible. Do not practice any demanding, vigorous exercise or strenuous activities while fasting. Yoga postures, pranayama, taking walks in the fresh air, meditation and relaxation are all recommended during a fast.

Breaking the fast

There is sometimes a tendency toward an abnormal craving to eat more food and after finishing a fast.

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