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Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common condition, but it is not a normal part of aging and in many cases can be treated successfully. While the main symptom of erectile dysfunction is obvious – the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual activity – there are a few early warning signs that many men never knew were associated with erectile dysfunction.

Anxiety/or Stress

Some cases of erectile dysfunction have psychological origins and can happen in men of any age. Anxiety can be successfully treated, and in many cases addressing the anxiety can prevent or reverse problems with erectile dysfunction. The brain is the mastermind of the entire body, and there may be times when men who experience chronic stress and anxiety find that they have trouble getting an erection. 

High Cholesterol Levels

When your cholesterol level is too high, you risk the formation in arteries that narrow the room available for blood to circulate. Most people immediately think of the coronary arteries when they think of high cholesterol, because heart attacks are the most catastrophic result. But with high cholesterol, all arteries are affected, including those that supply blood circulation to the sexual organs.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is associated with numerous health problems, and in recent years scientists have also found a correlation between weight gain and erectile dysfunction. The causes are not easy to tear apart, because excess weight is associated with diabetes and coronary artery disease, which are two conditions that are often found in men with erectile dysfunction. Losing excess weight has numerous benefits, including greater energy, lower cholesterol levels, and better control of blood glucose levels. It may also forestall erectile dysfunction, giving you one more reason to hit the gym and try to lose excess weight.

Kidney Disease

Urologists are all too familiar with patients who have erectile dysfunction symptoms. Kidney disease is sometimes genetic, but sometimes it is present in people without a family history of kidney problems. Kidney disease is also a complication of diabetes mellitus, so men with diabetes should work with a physician who is able to recognize early signs of kidney disease. Unfortunately, kidney disease can sometimes strike without warning, even in men without other health problems. When you have your annual physical check-up, a simple urinalysis test can check for problems like glucose in the urine (a sign of unchecked diabetes) or proteins or other substances that could indicate a problem with your kidneys. Getting treatment early in the course of kidney disease is the key to remaining healthier longer and preventing problems like erectile dysfunction that sometimes accompany kidney disease.

High Blood Pressure

In general, anything that is bad for your heart (including lifestyle choices like smoking) can be bad for your erectile functioning, and high blood pressure is no exception. Many men have high blood pressure and don’t even know it. In many cases, high blood pressure can be brought down into the healthy range through lifestyle changes like increasing physical exercise, transitioning to healthier eating patterns, and giving up smoking. If you can treat your high blood pressure through lifestyle changes, you’re better off, because some high blood pressure medications can also cause problems with sexual functioning. Furthermore, in men who develop erectile dysfunction, certain blood pressure medications make it unsafe to use popular drugs for erectile dysfunction (like Viagra) due to the possibility of a severe drop in blood pressure.

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