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Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Circulatory problems - An erection occurs when the penis fills with blood and a valve at the base of the penis traps it.Diabetes, high blood pressure, clots and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) can all interfere with this process. Such circulatory problems are the number one cause of erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie's diseases - This disease causes fibres and plaques to appear in the genitals, interrupting blood flow.

Cancer - Cancer can interfere with nerves or arteries that are vital to erection.

Surgery - Surgery to the pelvis, and especially prostate surgery for prostate cancer, can damage the nerves and arteries that are required to gain and maintain an erection.

Spinal cord or pelvic injury - The nerves that stimulate erection can be cut by injury to them.

Hormonal disorders - A lack of testosterone (male hormone or androgen) can result from thyroid and nervous disorders.

Depression - This condition is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. Depression is a physical disorder as well as a psychiatric one, and it can have physical effects. This may be true even if you feel comfortable in a sexual situation.

Alcoholism - Chronic alcoholism can produce erectile dysfunction, even if there is no alcohol in the blood at the time of sex.

Smoking- Smoking cigarettes causes constriction of blood vessels. This may decrease blood flow to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction.

Situational psychological problems- ome men have problems only in certain situations or with certain people. In troubled relationships, men may be unable to achieve erection with their partner but have no problem away from home.

Sexual aversion: Being repelled by sex is rare. It is most common in people who suffered child abuse and those who have been brought up in strict religious surroundings. Aversion can also exist in homosexuals or bisexuals who attempt to lead a heterosexual life against their basic inclinations.

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