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Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Choose Nature's Sweets

We mention purified sugar here to contrast with the various natural sugars already found in most plant foods, particularly fruits. That's why apple, peaches, tangerines, and the like inherently taste sweet. Natural forms of sugar are found in other foods too, most notably milk. (The lactose is milk, however, does not taste very sweet.) To satisfy your craving for sweets, we recommend turning to fruits before you indulge in cake, cookies, pie, ice cream, pudding, candy, and other desserts and sweet treats. We are talking about ordinary fresh fruits here, not fruits slices drowning in heavy sugar syrup or coated with powdered sugar.

Limit Dessert - Type foods

Sweetened desserts like those just mentioned contain piles of added sugar that your body can readily do without. When you make desserts from scratch at home, you will recognize instantly from the recipe how much sugar you are adding. With store-bought processed foods, its not quit so easy. Instead, read the list of ingredients on the label. How many forms of sugar do you see? Look for items such as sugar, honey, corn syrup, other syrup, glucose, fructose, sucrose, and other words ending in "ose". Remember that all theingredients are listed in order of how much they contribute to the final product. In Other words, the main ingredient in the item is listed first. If, for example, two of the first three items listed are various forms of sugar, then the product in your hand is composed mainly of sugar.

Yes, such foods taste good, and people could voluntarily give all of them up forever. That's not ncessary. But do cut down to moderate amounts that you consume infrequently. Let's say, no more than an ounce or two of sugar once or twice a day, and only after you have eaten some healthy fare first. That's one candy bar, one small slice of cake pie, or one small bowl of ice cream.

And watch out for sweetened drinks! One can of regular cola contains up to nine teaspoon of sugar - about 150 calories' worth! If you drink one, count it as your dessrt, not simply a thirst quencher.

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