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Complete Cure of Digestive disorder Through


How Colon Hydrotherapy helps to relieve the problem?

It is a modern technique which helps to clean the large intestine by using pure warm water. The warm water cleanses like "internal bath" & removes toxics, waste matter, gases, mucoid plaques deposited in large intestine, the water is excreted from anus and one can see during the session mucus, toxics, hard stools coming out of the body.

What conditions can be treated ?

Many conditions benefit from Colon Wash Including

Chronic Constipation Allergies Arthritis
 Atonic Colon Bloating Diarrhoea
 Irritable bowel Syndrome Flatulence Headache
 Mucous Colitis Indigestion Skin problems

How Colon Hydrotherapy is different from Enema ?

Enema helps to clean end part of large intestine i.e. rectum and anus only whereas Colon Irrigation cleanses the large intestine as a whole.

It improves the peristaltic movement and enhances functions of digestion.

It regulates metabolism and rejuvinates the body.

It helps to improve "vita Force" leading to good health.

Its like internal bath and reduces toxic load from the body and gives re-energisation and restorative effects.

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