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Chakra Oil

Chakra Oil

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Chakra are the 7 energy centers within our body those regulate our inter ‘life force’ or ‘ Paraná Energy’ In today life we all use electronic gadgets and phones but their electromagnetic Radiations have a negative impact on our own energy Emotional uneasa such as anxiety, fear stress , loss and conflict can also cause our chakra to become out of balance.


An essential oil blend of 7 oils to illuminate your aura, strengthen your chakra and promote balance at mental, physical and emotional level .This oil has been inspired ancient oil ayurveda principles of treating human beings. Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing , the science of maintaining healthy, balanced life.


(Acts on the basis of aromatherapy and harmonizing therapy)

For aromatic and topical use : apply directly on forehead ( third eye chakra), you have to just roll on the bottle on your forehead Inhale deeply. You can apply the oil on all 7 chakra for better results.

INGREDIENTS each 10ml roller bottle contains:

  • Jasmine oil (Jasminum sambac) 1.25ml
  • Nagarmotha oil (Cyperus Rotundus) 1.25 ml
  • Coriander oil (Coriandrum Sativum) 1.5 ml
  • Cardamom oil (Elettaria cardamom ) 1.5ml
  • Tulsi oil (Ocimum sanctum) 1.5ml
  • Khas Khas oil (vetiveria zizanioides) 1.5ml
  • Rose oil (rosa centifolia) 1.5ml

    • Protect, strengthen and balance your chakra.
    • Promotes calmness, it has been used in anxiety, insominia, hypertension, compulsory obsessive disorders.
    • Keep you strong, fresh, light and positive, if you are positive you repel every type of negativity and infection.
    • Helps to balance and re-energizing chakras.
    • When use daily it maintains the positive energy in you soul and its surrounding for a prolonged life.


  • Chakra oil is blend of natural oils, it has no side effects as topical application.
  • Intolerance in odor may occur in hypersensitive patients. In that case you can use the oil by diluting in any base oil like coconut oil and sesame oil.
  • Consult physician if symptoms continue and becomes bothersome.
  • If any other effect is noticed which is not listed above, contact to physician or pharmacist.com write to us on the website mentioned below.

    Avoid contact with eyes as it is irritating to eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water, will be alright after sometime.


    It should not be mixed with any other product , but can be used with other oil and creams.


    It can be stored room temperature. It should be protected from direct sunlight. Do not freeze or throw the bottle in water. Do not keep the bottle open.

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