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Azoospermia or Oligospermia

Azoospermia could have totally different etiologies antecedently represented as pretesticula, male reproductive gland abnormal and posttesticular. This classification, though physiologically correct, isn't continuously sensible for treatment deciding. The division of azoospermia into preventive and NON-OBSTRUCTIVE classes permits higher determination of specific treatment choices out there to a specific patient. It's additionally critically vital since patients with nonobstructive azoospermia have completely different genetic issues.

The approach to azoospermic patient has modified considerably with the introduction of sperm cell retrieval techniques and assisted replica , particularly IVF/ ICSI. nonetheless, specific treatment of azoospermia remains not solely successful however additionally an economical possibility.

Infertility (Napunksata)

Eggs (Shonita) and sperm cell (Shukra) are the results of the deepest level of nutritionary transformation within the dhatus (the body's structural tissues). All that we tend to eat and drink gets frequently refined till it's remodeled into the foremost very important essence, the potential of life, called shukra' in Sanskrit. This is often the seed of life. Ayurveda believes that if there are any obstructions within the body then the genital system becomes deficient and it's necessary to endure a programme of rejuvenation to re-establish the health of the procreative tissues. Obstructions' or weakness within the system can be owing to impaired systema alimentarium, excess weight, anemia, constipation, secretion disturbances etc. Sure foods and herbs are additional egg and sperm potentiating than others. Milk, almonds, walnuts, herbaceous plant seeds, pumpkin seeds, saffron, honey, drawn butter are all seen because the final procreative foods in Ayurveda. Herbs such as :

Ashwagandha and Shatavari are all wont to enhance egg and sperm quality and amount. Ashwagandha is that the fertility tonic for vata varieties, Shatavari is that the tonic for tyrannid sorts and Punarnava is suggested to kapha varieties. Sex could be a basic instinct like hunger. Sexual intercourse, however, demands complete concentration and relaxation. It can't be performed hastily and tension. people that are sometimes tense and over occupied are unable to follow these norms. Several Persons, therefore, suffer from sexual dysfunctions. the foremost common male sexual dysfunction is impotence.

Sexual impotence could result from psychological unwellness like depression that lowers each sexual drive and erectile operate, tiredness, alcoholic abuse, the therapeutic use of oestrogens, palsy of parasympathetic nerves by medication or permanent injury to them, and polygenic disease. Alternative causes of impotence embrace a devitalized condition of the system generally. The most drawback of secondary impotence is that the apprehension created by an earlier failure, that generates an honest deal of hysteria for subsequent time.


Ejaculation on seeing, talking touching a woman or simply at the beginning of the vaginal intercourse. This section is additional embarrassing.

Causes of Azoospermia

The most severe expression of male factor infertility is azoospermia, where no sperm are present in the ejaculate. Azoospermia is found in 15-20% of men evaluated for infertility. Causes of azoospermia include congenital and acquired reproductive tract obstruction as well as spermatogenic failure.
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Ashthila Granthi Vriddhi (Prostate Enlargement)

The prostate could be a little secretory organ that sits slightly below the bladder. It opens into the urethra and secretes an alkalic fluid that produces up a region of the seminal fluid. Underneath numerous stresses it will become swollen and this obstructs the flow of urine out of the bladder. This is often referred to as Benign prostate Hypertrophy (BPH).

The symptoms are : Increased urgency and frequency (because the bladder is stuffed however excreting is obstructed), feeling of incomplete voidance, increased dark excreting, hesitant and intermittent flow, obstructed flow, terminal propulsion, decreased urinary force, ejaculation, occasional blood within the urine.

Home Remedies For Azoospermia

  • Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation Loose excess weight Have a healthy diet hold whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins
  • Sperm levels are at the uppermost in the morning and afternoon creation it the best time for love making.
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  • Herbal AZ Oorja Capsules - Quantity - 120 (2 capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Herbal AZ Oligo Capsules - Quantity - 120 (2 Capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Museli Kaunch  Capsules - Quantity-  120 (2 Capsules 2 times in a day)
  • Shakar Vallabh Ras Tablet- Quantity-  060 (1 tablet 2 times in a day)
  • Herbal Granules AZ Oligo 200 Grams (3 gms in morning -3 gms in evening preferably with milk after meal.
  • Average duration of the treatment is 4 to 6 months.
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Oligospermia Kit

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