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Yogic postures or Asanas are one of the most important systems of physical culture ever invented. They reflect an amazing understanding of how the body works and, particularly, how to release tension at a deep level from the tissues, organs and joints

Asana is the third step in the Ashtanga Yoga. In the Yoga sutras, Patanjali, concisely defined Yogasanas as :

"Sthiram Sukham Asanam",  which means, comfortable and steady. Raja Yoga equates Yogasanas to stable sitting position.

The Hatha yogi found that certain specific body positions (Asanas) open the energy channels and psychic centers. They found that developing control of the body through these practices enabled them to control the mind and energy. Yogasana became tools to higher awareness providing the stable foundation necessary for the exploration of the body, breath, mind and higher states. There are 84, 00,000 Asanas. Main of them are as follows :

Supine Positions Asanas

Prone Position Asanas

Sitting Asanas

Standing Asanas

Inverted Pose

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