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Appendicitis | Home Remedies

  • Make tea from fenugreek seeds , as it is very effective in the treatment of appendicitis. To prepare this tea take about one liter of cold water and add one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds. Keep this on low flame for about 30 minutes. Allow it to cool down and then strain it.
  • On a daily basis drink about one liter of buttermilk , as it is very effective in case of chronic appendicitis.
  • Drinking mixture of carrot juice, beetroot juice and cucumber juice in the ratio of 3:1:1 is also one of the very effective home remedies for appendicitis .
  • Eat one teaspoon of green gram in the morning, one teaspoon in the afternoon and one teaspoon in the evening everyday.
  • Soak the green gram in water overnight and drink this water the next day morning. This drink should be taken three times in a day.
  • Add pinch of salt to buttermilk and drink a glass of this thrice in a day. Buttermilk is very effective in preventing the bacterial growth in the appendix.
  • Like in many other home remedies ginger and garlic combination is useful for the treatment of appendicitis too. This will help in reducing the swelling of the appendix. Thus will give relief from pain. You can either eat this combination in raw form or have them in juice form.
  • Bake the bran of wheat and then add it into wheat floor . Make sure that wheat floor is six times more in quantity than the bran of wheat.
  • Make dough by adding water into this mixture. Make rotis from this dough. This will help in solving the problem of constipation associated with the appendicitis.
  • If your digestive system is not working fine then take the mixture of honey and lemon juice in equal quantity.
  • To get relief form the stomachache, you can use the hot compresses .
  • Avoid salty and junk food. Say no to smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • If you are vomiting and having high fever, then make sure that you don't eat anything. You can drink as much water as you want. Follow this for three days and then you can start taking fruit juices and vegetable juices. Once you feel completely adjusted to the juices, then you can eat your regular food.

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