Ayurvedic Treatment

Accommodation And Therapies in our Center

Our center is a unique place where you can experience the best of ancient Indian traditions -Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. We invite you to come and experience, rejuvenate, heal and transform your body and mind with Ayurveda (the Science of Life) and Yoga (Harmony of Body, Mind & Soul). If you are looking for a specific treatment, rejuvenation, beauty enhancement, or simply to get away from the stress of modern life, we can offer you the best wellness experience possible according to your time, health, needs, and budget. For us, you are not just a customer, but an opportunity to share our knowledge of ancient traditions.


  • Ayurveda Treatment Consultation with experienced Doctors
  • Ayurveda Training Course
  • Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment
  • Special Ayurveda Packages – Rejuvenation/Relaxation programs
  • Special Detoxification programs
  • Ayurveda / Herbal Weight Loss programs

Facilities available at accommodation

  • Air conditioned / non air conditioned rooms
  • Attached Bath room
  • Vegetarian home made food
  • Free WIFI in each room

Total accomodation charges for single person: 2000 per day

Total accomodation charges for couple: 3000 per day

Charges of our standard Ayurveda relaxation program

  • Body massage (Abyangam) Head massage - Duration 45 min
  • Body massage (Abyangam) + Shirodhara + Steam – Duration 1.30 hours
  • Body Massage (Abyangam) + Pizhichil + Shirodhara + Steam - Duration 2 hours
  • Body massage (Abyangam) + Special head massage + Face massage + Steam – Duration 1 hour
  • Special Abyangam/Pizhichil + Kizhi + Head massage + Face massage + shirodhara + steam – Duration 1.30 hrs

Total charges of this Ayurveda Relaxation Program is: 5000


Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy programs present an excellent option for guests wishing to keep up an active process of self-healing long after they return home from their spa break. Yoga Therapy programs are in-depth treatments in their own right, and represent the company’s determination to offer a full range of practical healing methods for the benefit of their guests.

Different Types of Yoga Asanas that Provide Ayurveda Yogashram

  • Surya- Namaskar
  • Gomukh Asana
  • Mayur Asana
  • Pada Hastasana
  • Mahaveer Asana
  • Dhanur Asana and many more....

Total charges of this Ayurveda Relaxation Program is: 1000

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