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Swadhisthana Chakra (Sacrum)

The sexual crisis

I remember reading a book written by a wellknown swami who had difficulties getting through swadhisthana. He wrote: "I was sitting all night and nothing but sex and sensual thoughts came to my mind. And I dreamed of many women presenting themselves in their naked form, and my whole body was becoming hot and cold, hot and cold. Ultimately I got a headache, and at one point, I thought my heart would collapse.

Transforming the primal energy

When no sexual desires of any kind manifest in an aspirant any more, and when there is no more personal attraction, that means kundalini has passed beyond swadhisthana chakra. However, when dealing with the subject of sex, your understanding must be very thorough. Although you may not be having any sexual awareness at the moment, that doesn't mean your desires have been exterminated. They might be in a suppressed state. There is an automatic process of suppression in the human constitution, and that is inherent in our own mental being.

Psychic propensities of swadhisthana

At a higher level, swadhisthana acts as the switch for bindu. This is the point where primal sound originates. Any awakening in swadhisthana is simultaneously carried up to bindu, where it is experienced in the form of the sound body, which is an important psychic attribute of this chakra. According to the tantric texts, there are many other psychic propensities gained through the awakening of swadhisthana chakra. These include: loss of fear of water, dawning of intuitive knowledge, awareness of astral entities, and the ability to taste anything desired for oneself or others.

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