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Alzheimer Symptoms and Home Remedies Treatment

Alzheimer disease is one of the neurodegenerative disorder in which brain cells are degenerated which leads to dementia. Dementia is a condition in which there is continuous decline in behaviour , thinking process , and social skills of a person. This condition is commonly seen in elder people . Alzheimer disease starts with the memory loss followed by slowly progressive dementia that has a course of several years and in severe cases it can cause even death of the person .


  • Positive family history
  • Old age is the risk factor
  • Patient with the history of brain injury
  • Environmental factors like certain viral infection .
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure
  • Low dietary intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Doing less exercise

All these are the risk factors that put person at the risk of developing Alzheimer.

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  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in remembering new information
  • Confusion
  • Mood changes
  • Interference in daily activities like keeping track of information , following job instruction , driving etc.
  • Impaired language
  • Difficulty in eating
  • Face difficulty in dressing up
  • Difficulty in solving puzzles and doing calculations
  • Loss of judgement
  • Not able to recognize their family members
  • Delusions
  • Sleep patterns changes person becomes insomniac
  • In severe cases , patient becomes rigid and bedridden . may need help in simple tasks like eating , dressing , toilet functioning.
  • Seizures can occur
  • If not treated can ultimately lead to death due to malnutrition , infections or due to any heart and lungs disease.

    According to ayurveda , human mind is having three states that is satva , rajas ,tamas. Each state of mind plays very important role is reflecting brain health of an individual.

    • satva state of mind has the best memory and learning ability , the person who is satvik is courageous ,intelligent and has stable mind .These people are less prone to suffer from Alzheimer.
    • Rajas is state of mind in which the person is greedy , attached too much , angry , anxious and impatient .They are somewhat prone to Alzheimer.
    • Tamas is the state of mind which tends to develope delusions , poor memory , slow and difficulty in performing tasks .people in this state of mind are highly prone to suffer from Alzheimer .

    Also in ayurveda , Alzheimer disease is correlated with smriti naash (memory loss) , which is due to vata (air) dosha aggravation that is why it is more common in old age people as old people already have vata dominant state in their body. Due to false dietary habit and karma (false activities) , vata dosha is aggravated , then vata passes from majja dhatu to manovah srotas (channels connecting brain )causing dementia like condition.

    False dietary habits like -

    • eating vata dominant food items like dry vegetables , pulses , fruits .
    • eating rajasik and tamasik food items like spices , excess sugar , sour and salt intake.
    • Eating non-veg in excess increases tamasik state of mind.

    False karma –

    • anger
    • stress

    these factors aggravates vata dosha .


    • Family should be very supportive , it is important for them to emphasize pleasant activities to keep the patient happy.
    • Patient must stop driving
    • Kitchen , bathroom and bedrooms need to be made safe for the patient.
    • Communication is important
    • Proper hygiene care
    • Provide memory aids to patient such as notebooks .
    • Diabetes management is important
    • High blood pressure management is also important.


    Healthy diet and lifestyle –diet is very important factor to maintain normal brain functioning and it is necessary for the patients to follow good healthy diet and lifestyle

    • include more green vegetables and fruits in diet
    • avoid spicy , salty and oily food in excess.
    • sugar control is must as diabetic patients are more prone to AD.
    • Nuts (almonds , walnuts etc) are good for brain health.
    • Avoid junk food
    • Avoid vata increasing food items
    • Include exercise in daily routine
    • Sleep on proper time
    • Do not stop natural urges
    • Do yoga practice and meditation

    Panchkarma – it is one of the very important part of ayurvedic treatment , panchkarma therapy removes toxins from the body .

    • Vaman (by inducing vomiting using herbal medicines)
    • Virechna ( by inducing diarrhea using herbal medicines)
    • Nasya (nasa drops)
    • Basti(enema)

    These procedures can be done in treatment of Alzheimer.

    Other panchkarma activities like shiro dhara , shiro pichu , and shiro basti can also be done and are effective in treating Alzheimer.

    Herbal drugs that are effective in treating Alzheimer

    • Brahmi – it is one best known drug in treating neural disorders ,rich in anti-oxidants and having potential to prevent degeneration of brain cells , it increases memory and learning ability of the person , found effective in treating Alzheimer disease, insomnia , epilepsy and other neurogenic disorders.
    • Vacha – it having anti-diabetic action, control blood sugar levels in blood, rich in anti-oxidants , having neuroprotective function , prevent degeneration of brain cells .
    • Ashwagandha –it is known as nervine tonic , has brain calming effect , reduces stress and increases concentration power , it is having regenerative property and slows down the progression of Alzheimer disease.
    • Shankpushpi – one of the common plant in India used as nervine tonic for improvement in memory and other cognitive functions , it calms the nerves by regulating stress hormone production in the body . possess anti-oxidant property as well.
    • Jyotishmati- it having brain sharpening property , improves concentration , improves memory and rich in anti-oxidants.
    • Jatamansi – it is having powerful anti-oxidant property and having property that increases learning and useful restoring memory in old persons and those suffering from dementia .

    These were the few of herbal drugs which can be used in management of Alzheimer disease and these drugs can be taken in any form either in the form of nasya (nasal drop) or in the form of decoction , tablets etc.

    All the steps from dietary habit changes to medicinal treatment plays very important role in treating Alzheimer patient and has a very positive feedback.

    We also provide treatment for Alzheimer which includes yoga meditation , panchkarma therapy and medication. For medication we provide two products MIND-CALM and AZ-CALM which has the composition of above mentioned drugs and other herbal drugs effective in treating Alzheimer .for more information

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