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Migraine Symptoms

There is a decided example of a migraine. The pain is on stand out side of the head and frequently emanates from the eye. The right half of the head may be influenced in one attack and the following time, the amassing of agony may be on the left side. Migraine attacks are more often than not went before by a brief time of depression, irritability, and loss of appetite. Some person's get attacks daily, others every month or every two or three months. The main symptoms of migraine are a pounding pain; nausea and vomiting .The blood vessels on the affected side of the head become prominent and pulsating. A migraine gives a fair warning before striking. The patient sees flashes of light or back spots or only parts of the objects in front of him. He may also feel numbness or weakness in an arm or leg, or on one side of the face.

Symptoms of migraine :

The symptoms of headache aren't alike altogether individuals. Completely different people expertise symptoms otherwise. Some people have a form of 'intuitive' feeling of an approaching sick headache, hours before they apprehend. Before they get the megrim they will expertise a unexpected, unexplained spurt of energy, hunger, fatigue and/or mood swings.

  • Dull or severe ache on one or either side of the pinnacle.
  • Nausea or regurgitation.
  • Disturbances of vision.
  • Irritability at bright lights, noise, odors.
  • Fatigue.
  • Feeling cold or unexpected sweating.

Migraine triggers :

The following are some of the factors that may trigger a migraine attack. You'll get a sick headache headache with one or additional of the subsequent factors:

  • Bright lights, strange odors or shrill noises.
  • Fatigue, stress or alternative emotional disturbances
  • Extreme weather.
  • High altitudes.
  • Disturbed sleep, lack of sleep.
  • Menstrual periods, contraception pills or hormones.
  • Alcohol, smoking.
  • Intense physical activity as well as sexual intercourse.
  • Certain medications.
  • Certain foods.
  • Irregular consumption patterns missed meals or abstinence.

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