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Kerala Massage Center :     

Our Kerala Massage center is situated in amritsar the holly city of Punjab. It is on Airport Road and very near to Airport and Railway Station of Amritsar. we are serving many ayurvedic services based on kerala massage or kerala ayurveda concepts in our center ayurvedayogashram.

We are providing the best ayurveda services like kerala massages by kerala massage therapies, Ayurveda therapies, ayurveda panchkarma, ayurvedic massages, yoga packages, yoga and meditational packages, meditational packages, medical Yoga, Therapeutic yoga and above all all the tailor made packages as required by the tourist.

Kerala Massages | our Kerala Massage Center

Kerala massages are the massages basically based on kerla traditions. It is a part of ayurveda massages.

All About Kerala Massage :

We are providing the best Ayurveda services like Ayurveda massages, kerala massages, ayurveda Panchkarma, ayurvedic massages, kerala massages by Kerala massage therapies as required by the person.

Kerala massage is a powerful tool with which you can build greater overall health. Kerala massage helps for balance our Kapha dosha, Pitta dosha and Vata dosha. A person who are using Kerala massage on daily basis, will get smooth and beautiful skin and always feel youthful. And also find better sleep and easier, earlier mornings and it will help to keep his/her body free of illness and toxins.

Kerala Massages chavutti thirumal | our Kerala Massage Center

Chavutti Thirumal is a full body oil massage, principally applied with the bare feet although the hands are used for the finishing touches. The beauty of using the foot is that the range and depth of movement is maximised and thus each sweeping stroke covers the whole length of the body...from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes.

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Our Other Services in our Ayurveda Center :

We are providing the best Yoga services . Visit our Yoga Center Page to know more about .

yoga services

We are providing the best Ayurvedic and Kerala Massage services . Visit our Ayurveda Centers in Amritsar.

Ayurveda Center

We are providing the best Ayurvedic services . Visit our Ayurveda Centers in Amritsar.

Ayurveda Center

We are providing the best Panchakarma Services . Visit our Panchkarma Center Page to know more about .

Pachkarma Services
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