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Kaunch (Mucuna pruriens) :     
  • Botanical Name: Mucuna pruriens
  • Family Name: Fabaceae
  • Common Name: Velvet Bean, Cowhage, Cow-itch, Buffalo bean, KAUNCH, Atmagupta, Kapikacchu
  • Part Used: Seeds / Fruits
  • Active Compounds: L Dopa
Description of Herb :

Mucuna is an annual twinning plant.. Leaves are trifoliate, gray-silky beneath; petioles are long and silky, 6.3 by 11.3 cm. Leaflets are membranous, terminal leaflets are smaller, lateral very unequal sided. Dark purple flowers (6 to 30) occur in drooping racemes. Fruits are curved, 4 by 6 seeded. The longitudinally ribbed pod, is densely covered with persistent pale-brown or grey trichomes that cause irritating blisters. Seeds are black ovoid and 12 mm long

Description of Herb :

Mucuna pruriens, recognized as an aphrodisiac in Ayurveda, has been shown to increase testosterone levels, helps deposition of protein in the muscles and increase muscle mass and strength. The extract is also known to enhance mental alertness and improve coordination.

Indications :

Mucuna contains L-DOPA which is a neurotransmitter precursor, an effective herb for relief in Parkinson's disease. In a 1995 study, Hp-200 (derived from the Ayurvedic therapeutic agent Mucuna prurient seed powder, as opposed to isolated active ingredients) was tested on 60 patients suffering from Parkinson's disease for 12 weeks. A control sample of 26 patients were given synthetic treatments. The results were monitored with the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale. The study showed that the Ayurvedic treatment was effective and only caused minor side effects. Mucuna is also useful in increasing sperm count in men and ovulation in women. It prevents male and female sterility and acts as a nervine tonic..

Mucuna in Traditional Uses :

Seeds are one of the best tonics and aphrodisiacs for the reproductive system. Indigestion, general debility, edema, impotence, infertility, leucorrhea, menorrhagia, roundworm, spermatorrhoea, Parkinson's.

Mucuna in Sexual Disorders :
  • They release bound up testosterone
  • Increase blood circulation to the genitals
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Strengthen and tone the sexual glands
  • Support the healthy production of the sex hormones
  • Increase stamina and sex drive
  • Act as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system
Mucuna in Nervous System Disorders :

It is used as a nervine tonic for nervous system disorders. Because of the high concentration of L-dopa in the seeds. It has been studied for its possible use in Parkinson's disease. It was found to slow the progression of Parkinson's symptoms (such as tremors, rigidity, slurring, drooling, and imbalance), and to have none of the side-effects of the current pharmaceutical L-dopa.

Mucuna in AZ Oorja :

In our product Oorja we use 4 gms extract of Mucuna (equivalent of 8 gms of raw powder) herb which is organically cultivated.

Kaunch (Mucuna pruriens) Effects Click Here
Home Remedies :
  • Take decoction of this herb 50 ml and mix it with 250 ml mustard oil for massage
  • Root of this herb is used for neuromuscular disorders particularly in Facial paralysis and Hemiplegic
  • The seed extract of this herb is very useful in Oligospermia
  • Powders of Mucuna seeds taken with honey is useful for leucorrhoea
  • Seed powder along with honey and ginger juice is helpful in allergic bronchitis

Cost of Kaunch Extract ( Mucuna)


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